Payment and Delivery: Customer may choose a home décor product (“home décor product”) by selecting a hand-made home décor products (“handmade home décor products”), or colour consultation service (“colour consultation service”)paying the Customer Payment, and following the other instructions on the Site. There are currently two types of payment methods: (1) the UPIPayment Method and (2) the Net Banking. For Customised Or Specific item or Bulk Orders, customer must contact us directly by the information provided by Aanka. All products are handmade, colour , design and texture can differ from one another. Refund will be done only if customer receives any damaged product while unpacking the same. No refund will be done Forimproper handling.General timeline for local delivery is 2-3 days, for pan India 7-10 days and for bulk order it takes 30 days. Refunds will be paid to Buying Customer by net banking if details is shared toAanka on request. or via any other method specified by Aanka from time to time. Decor refunds follow the refund policy of each specific vendor that each item was purchased from and cannot be adjusted by Aaka. Aankacannot guarantee color accuracy as colors and textures may look different on each Customer’s monitors. Customers are responsible for verifying item sizes before ordering shopping list items as sizes may appear different in renderings. Aanka is not responsible for verifying any Designer Recommendations. Customers are solely responsible for checking and verifying all Design Recommendations before ordering shopping list items and/or implementing the service.

Designer hereby represents and warrants to Aanka that the execution and delivery of this Agreement by the designer, all media provided by Designer for promotional use by Aanka, and the performance of the Designer’s obligations under this Agreement will not conflict with or breach any agreement, order, will not contain any IPR licensed from a third party, or decree to which the designer is a part of or which he is bound. Designer will indemnify and hold Aanka and Buying Customer harmless, including costs and attorneys’ fees, from any third party claim arising out of a breach by the Design of the foregoing warranty or any third party claim that the Designer infringes/misappropriates.

If Designer maintains a website advertising interior design services or products, if requested by Aanka, such online material must incorporate a Aanka badge and link to Aanka’s website in a form determined by Aanka (including, but not limited to, blog posts related to Aanka design projects). All publicly shared photos of Aanka client designs shall include a watermark of Aanka’s name and logo and a link to Aanka’s website. If any public media references or displays work is undertaken for Aanka (including, but not limited to, press releases and blog posts), such media shall include a link and reference to Aanka, to the extent Designer has sufficient control over such media.

Payment and Delivery.

Upon a Sale, Buying Customer will pay the Customer Payment and Aanka will pay Selling Designer the Designer Fee (subject to first receiving payment from the Buying Customer), and (b) Selling Designer will upload the Sold Decor Package and Aankawill deliver the Sold Decor Package to the Buying Customer, in a format specified by Aanka. The “Customer Payment” means (i) the price selected by Customer when Customer selecteda home decor Product set forth at ; (ii) the customized prize amount which included the incentive amount entered by the Buying Customer. The “Consultation charges” means the Customer Payment, minus the fees and charges imposed by Aanka and minus any applicable Taxes.